Monday, May 26, 2008

My First Day of Class, Part I

Hello all! I just got out of my first class, which is European Human Rights. It seems like it will be a pretty cool class, our professor is pretty relaxed and fun to listen to. Although it took me a good 20 minutes to get used to his heavy accent. I answered 2 questions wrong though, so I think I'm gonna keep my mouth shut. I still think I was right (even according to Wikipedia I was, but maybe the Spanish version of the fall of the Roman Empire is different). Oh well.

The walk to class isn't too bad - it's about 20 minutes, and mostly downhill, and the mornings here are very nice. There are people EVERYWHERE going to work and school, so it's pretty fun to people watch. And believe me, there are some interesting people to watch. For all you mothers out there, next time you feel like getting on your kid for the way they dress, just say to yourself, "At least my child isn't Spanish," b/c there are some very strange fads out here. And that's coming from me, which says a lot. I've seen a lot of rat-tails and mullets, too. Ugh.

So I'm only taking 2 classes, and I have a 7-hour break between the 2, which kinda sucks. I feel like my flat is too far to walk back and forth between classes, so I'm gonna have to find something productive to do. Apparently we get a free membership to a gym around the corner, so I might hit that up. I'm also trying to possibly plan a trip to San Sebastian, Spain this weekend - it's supposedly the "Vegas of Spain." A friend of mine from ASU is there w/ her whole family, and it would be good to see all of them. They're actually the people I went to Vegas w/ a couple of years ago, which is ironic that I will be going on another Vegas Family Vacation with them on a different continent.

Anyway, this has gone on long enough, so I'll let y'all go for now. Below are some pics from yesterday, most of them from my walk to campus yesterday evening.


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