Sunday, December 11, 2011

Top Ten Albums of 2011, Part I

"Neighborhoods" by Blink-182.
These guys had a lot to live up after their last album, especially given the fact that it took them so long to come out with new material. This is definitely up there among the top ten - it's aggressive and much darker than most of their previous work. Some of my fave tracks are "Up All Night" and "Heart's All Gone."

"Simple Math" by Manchester Orchestra
Andy Hull has long been one of my main musical heroes, and Manchester is one of the most important alt bands out there today. This album has been an interesting experience though - I pretty much thought it was complete trash the first time I heard it. But after a few spins, I realized it for the genius that it is. MUCH more mature than their previous efforts. It's brilliant in its breadth. "Deer" is haunting, while "Apprehension" is pensively chill (did that sound high-minded enough?).

"Don't Say We Didn't Warn You" by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
These kids are certifiably insane, and I LOVE IT. DIOYY is unlike any other band out there...kinda techno-ey, kinda rock'n'roll-ey, kinda gospel choir-ey...but 100% awesome. I'll leave it at that and let ya listen for yourself. "We Are the Dead" kicks off the album with an appropriately hype dance anthem, "Pull Out My Insides" is a little on the more sentimental side (as sentimental as seppuku can be, anyway), "The Monkeys are Coming" makes you wonder how the music world has survived for so long without DIOYY, and "Broken Arms" ends it all off by bringing you down gently and reminding you that these kids can make some beautiful music. After writing all that, I think this should be in the No. 1 spot.