Friday, May 30, 2008

El Prado

Hey everyone! So last night and today were pretty awesome. So last night, we had about half the program over to our place at 10:30pm to hang out, and it was great hanging out w/ everyone outside of the school setting. There's a lot of great kids in the program, and it should be a fun summer!

We headed out for the bars a little after midnight, and we ended up at one near campus. It was pretty dead when we got there, but within an hour it was pretty packed. They aren't exactly up-to-date with the music, but we made it work. For whatever reason, the people here don't really dance, so of course the loud, obnoxious Americans took over the dance floor and helped solidify the stereotype. Once the 80s music came on, it was game over - you'd think we were dance majors instead of lawyers. Fun times.

We got home around 4am, and woke up at 2pm. A late start, but I feel like we deserved it after the first week of classes. When we got up, we went to campus for some lunch then headed to the Prado Museum (in the endless rain, of course). The Prado is a pretty big deal in the art world, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. I saw so many pieces that I studied at ASU, and it was amazing to stand just a couple feet in front of them. The museum is HUGE and my feet hurt now, but it should definitely prove to be a highlight of the trip. Most of the pics below are from the area around the Prado (and the Prado itself) - it was a beautiful part of Madrid.

So after that, we got home and enjoyed just sitting down. I plan on just takin' it easy and hopefully getting an early start tomorrow. We have no real plans, but we're definitely going to see the new Indian Jones movie - we found an English language theater, so that's pretty exciting. And I need to catch up on my shows online. An action-packed day for sure!

Hope everyone's doin' good!

One of the entrances to the Prado.

Cathedral near the Prado.

Main entrance to the Prado. There was a Goya exhibit, I was really excited!

Inside the Prado Museum where we drank our $3 coffee.

The ladies from across the hall.

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