Saturday, May 24, 2008

Estoy aqui!

Hey y'all-
Just wanted to say a quick hello and post a few pics. I just got in an hour ago, and I love the place I'm staying at. I was afraid of being put in some seedy place, but it's pretty nice! I've got just a few pics for ya b/c the power converter I brought doesn't fit, so I'm gonna have to venture out w/ my limited Spanish and try and find one that works. These are pics of my room, the view from my window of the pool, and the lovely bidet in my bathroom. Love all of y'all and promise to post again soon!


Cecil said...

them urapeons sur do hav fanci torlets! whars tha seet?

Cecil said...

Your room looks pretty cool. It has more space than I would have thought. Have fun!